Septic System Design and Installation

Septic System Design and InstallationIf you need septic system design and installation you have to start with the basics. This includes the evaluation of the soil and site of the septic system to find out if it is in accordance with the minimum regulation requirements. Once you hurdle this phase, the next thing you need to do is hire a licensed and certified septic designer like SewerMan to design your septic system. The suitable septic design for your home will depend on the results of the soil and site evaluation. The cost of a septic system can vary from $5,000 to $20,000 depending on the type of the system and the specific condition of the site.

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The Two Stages in Septic System Design and Installation

Septic system design stage – In the design stage, the design engineer prepares the plan set or system design set together with the application report for submission and presentation to the local health office for approval. The septic system design should include the layout of the drain field, the size of the drain field trenches and the size of the septic tank.

Septic system installation and construction stage – Once the permits are issued actual installation and construction can begin. The first step in the installation and construction process is the creation of a simple layout of the system that will be used to transfer the septic system design from the paper to the ground.-The layout as well as the position of every septic system component on the design should be transferred onto the site.

The next step in the construction stage is the excavation of the site where the septic tank and pipe drains will be buried. During the excavation, your contractor should pay continuous attention to elevation to get the best result. Once the excavation is finished, a final inspection will be made by the health inspector before the backfill.

The next phase is to backfill the septic tank or vaults and the pipes. It is also during this stage that water tests, pressure testing, vacuum testing and even leak testing of the tank are done before it is finally backfilled.

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