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  • Sewer-Man was fast and dependable to clear my sewer line!

    Five Stars
  • Grandmothers toilet was flushing slowly. Tried a plunger and it didn't work. Found out the main outside the house located right outside the bathroom was overflowing. Rooter Man plumbing kept us involved throughout the whole process and fixed our problem quickly. 5/5 customer service 5/5 quality Jesse and Johnny were extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and fantastic to work with. Thanks so much again guys !

    Ryan A. - Los Angeles Ca,
    Five Stars
  • So, I heard the dreaded "glub glub" sound. It came from the drain of an empty bathtub as my laundry was spinning out water on the other side of my home a few nights ago.  That "glub glub" was an early  indication of a clogged sewer line.   So, I  looked up reputable companies with good prices to clean sewers, found Rooter Man Plumbing, and gave them a call later that night.  Since their great promotional pricing  is just for business  hours, I scheduled them to come out the next morning.   Fortunately my plumbing worked well enough until they arrived. The Rooter Man used the big industrial rooter which is  needed  for a main sewer line, rather than some wimpier rooter that they also carry.  Using the big industrial rooter was included in the  service call. However even it's mighty rooter's blade failed to cut through the roots near the far front of my property. So next they tried hydro-jetting.  It costs more, but the sweetener is they didn't charge using the regular rooter since the rooter didn't work. Sweet! But even with the hydro-jet, they couldn't clear out the sewer line due to blocking near the front of my home just under my sidewalk to the street.  They used a scope and a device to find the exact location where the blockage occurred, near the end of my property line where the sewer pipes go under my sidewalk, and then down down down to the middle of the city street in front of my line.  It appeared that the trees the city plants between my sidewalk and the street curb had entered my sewer line and basically having a feeding frenzy, growing big, and taking over all the space! Rooter Man Plumbing convinced me to reline the six inch pipe that goes from my property line to the middle of the street.  The good news is that they wouldn't be digging down to the actual sewer line in the middle of my street street.  The bad news is costs a pretty penny. But I called around and after a bit of haggling Rooter Man Plumber agreed to a slightly lower price and what's more, they agreed to start the very same day that they had come out earlier to do the hydro-jetting.  I was  sold.   But that was made easy since at least for me, having a working plumbing after over a day without one, became a pretty big deal  :) So Victor, Johnny, Randy and Jose came out and went to town.  They dug up a 4 ft by 4 ft section of grass, and went 6 feet down through all that dirt to create a big hole (5 by 4 by 6 feet).  Then they climbed into that hole, cut the sewer line at about the property line near the edge of the city sidewalk.  Next they relined the 6 inch clay pipe from the edge of the city sidewalk to the middle of my street.  To prove it, they showed me a video of the relined sewer line.  Then they reattached new plumbing to the sewer line.  Next they filled up the hole with the dirt that had originally come out of the hole. Lastly they put the grass that they had taken off before they removed the dirty, on top of the refilled  dirt.  They even watered the grass!  And best of all, they worked into the evening to complete the job in the same day. So Victor, Johnny, Randy and Jose or Rooter Man, you guys  rock!

    Will G. Santa Monica Ca, - Trenchless Sewer Replacement
    Five Stars