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For over 50+ years Sewer-Man has been providing professional septic & sewer services. With millions of satisfied customers, it is clear that Sewer-Man strives to provide the best customer service you will find. Our local Oakwood, CA septic and sewer experts are available to come to the rescue whenever you need us! Whether its routine maintenance or an emergency, residential or commercial properties, Sewer-Man can quickly solve any septic system, sewer, and drain problems. Call our local Oakwood, CA office today to schedule service!

Customer Reviews

  • So, I heard the dreaded "glub glub" sound. It came from the drain of an empty bathtub as my laundry was spinning out water on the other side of my home a few nights ago.  That "glub glub" was an early  indication of a clogged sewer line.   So, I  looked up reputable companies with good prices to...

    Will G. Santa Monica Ca, - Trenchless Sewer Replacement
    Five Stars

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