Why Rooter-Man?

1Equity in a National Brand

rooter-man-national-brandIn today’s economy National Brands have the edge over the independent owner/operator, as consumers look to do business with brands they trust. With Rooter-Man, franchisees receive equity in Rooter-Man’s National Brand, by receiving Exclusive Use of the Rooter-Man Trademark in their territory (U.S. Patent Office registered Trademarks and System). Not only will your business grow with Rooter-Man’s National Brand, your ownership of Rooter-Man’s trademark in your territory will be an appreciating investment, which you may later sell or expand in the future.

2Low Overhead

lower-costsRooter-Man’s Franchise System has no royalties as a percent of revenue, meaning Rooter-Man franchisees do not pay a royalty based on a percentage of sales. Rooter-Man royalty fees are a low flat rate fee based on population, making Rooter-Man a low cost franchise (Rooter-Man is currently rated in the Top 25 Low Cost Franchise Opportunities by Entrepreneur Magazine). Additionally, most Rooter-Man franchisees are able to begin their business in their homes, and therefore avoid high start-up costs due to rent, utilities, etc.

3Professional Training

rooterman-training-memphisRooter-Man’s thorough on-the-job training program can make you a drain cleaning specialist before you open your business. Rooter-Man training programs outline every aspect of running a successful business, from marketing to operations and human resources. Franchisees are provided with 11 comprehensive manuals that teach them the skills to master their business and the lessons learned from over 40 years of industry experience. Additionally, Rooter-Man Franchisees from across the country frequently host training events and seminars throughout the year (exclusively for Rooter-Man franchisees), inviting all Rooter-Man locations to visit and share their knowledge.

4Ongoing & Dedicated Support

Rooter-Man’s continuous advisory service is as close as your phone for sticky problems. In addition to phone support and training programs, Rooter-Man’s Franchisee website offers online resources and tools which are available 24/7 to help you run your business.

5Exclusive Discounts & Partnerships

Rooter-Man has taken the guess work out of “What equipment do I need?”, with a standardized equipment and purchasing plan, and exclusive discounts to leverage Rooter-Man’s national brand buying power. Franchisees may purchase other equipment if they choose, though all equipment necessary for Rooter-Man operations can be purchased through a subsidiary of Rooter-Man at discounted prices.

6Networking with Over 580 Locations

We refer to becoming a Rooter-Man Franchisee as Joining the Rooter-Man Team, because that’s exactly what Rooter-Man is all about, teamwork. With a network of over 580 Rooter-Man locations the networking possibilities are endless, and the information sharing among Rooter-Man locations is one of the system’s strongest benefits.