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Preventative MaintenancePreventive maintenance on a commercial establishment’s septic system is the key to keeping the septic system healthy and in good working order. You should never ignore the septic system and only pay attention when a problem occurs. Preventive maintenance is the most cost effective way of extending the life of the septic system and results in many years of a trouble-free septic system. At SewerMan we specialize in preventive maintenance of commercial septic systems and can keep your system trouble free and in good working order.

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What Preventive Maintenance Entails

Preventive maintenance starts with maintaining the septic system so that it is clean and free of foreign debris and toxic materials. Plastic and non-biodegradable items should never be introduced to the system. These materials will lead to clogging as well as to reduction of bacteria that aid in the processing of waste materials in the system. They will also result in clogging not only of the septic tank and piping but also of the drain or leach field.

Other substances that should not be introduced in the system are oil, fat and grease. These substances should be disposed of in the garbage. Heavy buildup of grease, oil and fat will also clog the pipes, the tank and the draining capability of the leach field.

Septic system preventive maintenance also includes periodic pumping service. The frequency of pumping will depend on the usage as well as the size of the tank and the system. The rule of thumb for a large septic system is pumping service of at least once every year or two or when the system requires it. Introducing a bacterial treatment to the system will also lessen the frequency of required pumping service.

Scheduled preventive maintenance is also a must in maintaining a septic system that is healthy and in good working condition. It involves periodic inspection of the system - measuring of the level of scum in the tank, checking the area surrounding the drain field for unseemly odors, root incursion on the tank, pipes and leach field, soil compression over the leach field, and checking if there is septic water seeping out from the leach field. The schedule can be done annually or as often as the system requires.

In addition to being able to advise you on the best maintenance plan we also introduce an effective and environmentally safe biological septic system cleaner in our preventive maintenance service. This solution will quickly process and absorb all kinds of organic wastes in the septic system and convert them into water and carbon dioxide. All without leaving any harmful and toxic waste residue. This results in the fast eradication of backups, fetid odor, wet spots and even weak flushing toilets and drains. It is maintained that the use of this cleaner will lessen the frequency of septic repair and pumping.

At SewerMan of Stewartsville, NJ we can advise you on the most cost effective options for your preventative maintenance plan. Call us today for your appointment.

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