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Septic System CareMost modern septic systems work quite efficiently and taking care of them should not really be a problem as long as you follow some basic rules or guidelines. At SewerMan of Riverview, FL we will keep your septic system in peak working condition with an affordable maintenance program. It is far better to prevent problems now than to deal with septic system emergencies later.

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Here are some of the things you can do to take care of your septic system. Doing these will mean less maintenance costs and fewer emergency repairs.

Redirect the flow of rainwater from the leach field - A sodden or water logged leach field will have difficulty absorbing and digesting effluent from the septic tank. Ensure that excess water from foundation drains and roof gutters do not flow over the drain field. Better yet, landscape the area over the drain field so that the grass and plants can help absorb any excess moisture in the soil.

Prevent the overloading of the drain field and septic tank – Manage and regulate the flow of waste water by checking the toilets and faucets for leaks, and immediately repair any found. You can also try reducing the level of water for small laundry loads and only turning on the dishwasher once it is full. Using gadgets such as a displacer for the toilet will lessen the volume of water required to flush it. You can also use a faucet aerators and shower nozzles that reduce the flow of water to lessen the volume of water the septic system will need to handle.

Don’t plant trees over and round the drain field and/or the septic tank – Prevent tree root incursion on your system. This is one of the main causes of septic tank, septic pipes and drain field problems. By planting your trees at least a hundred feet away from the system you can help to prevent tree root problems.

Avoid flushing foreign objects down the toilet – The number one cause of septic system failure is clogging and this is caused by foreign objects introduced to the system. Items such as coffee grounds, sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, tampons, cigarette butts, paper towels and the like may clog your septic system.

Refrain from pouring fat, grease and oils down the kitchen sink – Grease, fat and oils can easily clog the drains, pipes and drain field. Clogging in any part of the septic system is bad news. It could cause a backflow and even flooding that could prove to be costly in terms of repairs.

Don’t pour harmful chemicals down the drain – Gasoline, paint thinners, varnish, motor oil and other similar substances and chemicals can cause corrosion of the pipes and do immense damage to your septic system.

Protect your septic system from damage – Don’t drive over your drain field, pave it with concrete, or construct any structures over it.

Hire a reliable and certified plumbing and septic cleaning company to do regular preventive maintenance – The best way to care for your septic system is to have the tank periodically pumped out and cleaned, the drainage field should also be regularly inspected. At SewerMan of Riverview, FL we perform all these services at competitive rates. Call us today to schedule your septic system maintenance.