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Landfill Leachate RemovalLeachate is liquid with dissolved or suspended solids that are considered environmentally detrimental or hazardous. It is actually any liquid substance that bleeds or leaches out from the soil or stored up materials. It is filled with a high concentration of contaminants that come from the soil or materials that it passed through.

The leachate collection and removal system is normally the only sideways drainage system for a landfill. The system is set up within the core of the landfill and above the primary line. The leachate collection system should be able to provide sufficient flow capacity for as long as the landfill exists. Normally, it is made of natural materials such as gravel. Gravel however, consumes too much of the important airspace and usually requires a heavy foundation to protect the core liner. It can also be very expensive if good quality gravel is not readily available in the vicinity and requires transporting.

Good alternatives to natural materials for a leachate collection and removal system are the Tenax GNT and Tenax Tendrain. These are geosynthetic solutions or geonets and geocomposites that are especially designed for a leachate collection and removal system.

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Leachate Removal Pumps

The instruments used to remove leachate or contaminated groundwater from solid waste landfill sites are called leachate pumps. There are two types of pumps used for leachate removal; piston pumps and pneumatic pumps.

Pneumatic pumps – With a pneumatic pump, compressed air dislodges the liquid. These are submersible pumps utilized for the drawing out of leachate or contaminated groundwater from wells. The contaminated liquid is pumped out by replacing it with air. This generates a lesser amount of fluid cut off than pumps driven by electricity. The pneumatic pump is placed in the well with a discharge line flowing into the exterior, an air exhaust line and a water supply line. A pneumatic pump is automatic and does not require an external control.

Piston pumps – For leachate that is difficult to pump out, usually a piston pump is an option. In a piston pump the leachate is displaced by a surface-driven piston. It consists of a bored-out piston contained in a cylinder and a check valve. Piston pumps need outside control to manage the pumping.

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