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Lift StationWastewater lift stations are designed to aid in moving liquid water from businesses and homes across a town or city to a treatment depot for cleaning and processing. They are usually installed in a challenging operating setting. The exterior and interior of a lift station is normally made of a prefabricated steel container and is typically subjected to caustic elements in the environment. Since lift stations are not accessible to view, they seldom get the kind of maintenance and care required to safeguard the condition of the steel exterior. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular lift station cleaning and repair maintenance.

At SewerMan of Rindge, NH we can recommend a schedule that will keep your lift station in good working order.

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Problems with Lift Stations

A major problem with lift stations is the generation of odor. These odors are usually gaseous odors that could cause health problems for sewer workers exposed to the buildup of gases. Another danger of the buildup of gases especially in enclosed spaces is the buildup of more toxic gases and the possibility of an underground stagnation, explosion and dead spots along the line. Buildup of numerous gases can happen in an environment that is deficient in oxygen. The cost of retrofitting an aged sewer system could be very expensive.

If lift station cleaning and repair maintenance is not performed regularly, grease, soil and other trash can accumulate and could trigger systems breakdown. When a lift station breaks down, untreated sewage could flood through streets and houses. Concrete lift stations are also normally exposed to hydrogen sulfide and are therefore prone to deterioration.

What Lift Station Cleaning and Repair Includes

  • To remedy the emission of gas and odors coming from a lift station, sodium nitrate and other chemicals are poured into the lift station to augment the oxygen content of the water. These chemicals also intensify the growth of bacteria which is an alternative source of oxygen when there is no oxygen available from mechanical sources. Another remedy to gas leaks is to add pine scented bricks or blocks to defuse the odors.
  • Lift station cleaning also involves cleaning of the valve vault, wet well and control panel as well as the inspection of the floats, piping and wet well to check their condition. It also involves line jetting to ensure that there is an even flow of water.
  • Cleaning is done by a combination of hydro-washing, pipe jetting and vacuum withdrawal leaving the lift station clear of rubbish and debris to ensure that the system performs at its peak performance.
  • Lift station repair work includes the replacement and repair of pumps, valves, guide rail systems, and control panels as well as the coating of eroded concrete walls.
  • Liners are also installed on the lift stations to prolong its life.

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