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  • Sewer-Man was fast and dependable to clear my sewer line!

    Five Stars
  • Great customer service. Job we called them for turned in to a major over haul of our 1948 sewer line to cesspool. Old houses often have hidden problems that can't be known until work has started. Sam and team adapted to all challenges in the course of the project. Sticker stock is difficult for many people; John and Sam were calm and straight forward about pricing. They kept us up to speed on all actions and the conditions of the lines and cesspool. The team took great care in working around very old cesspool tanks and were able to finish the project without fully replacing the tanks. Saving us thousands of dollars. Sam and crew were on site almost daily to get the job done asap. Summary of work done: Scope of line showed cast iron pipes broken. Two cuts needed in concrete to excavate to cast-iron sewer line. Liquids chamber pumped. Cast-iron replaced with PVC. Clean-out added. Clay pipe discovered to solids chamber. Clay pipe full of roots. Solids chamber found full. Cut in concrete need to make access to solids chamber. Access to solids chamber planned for future plumping maintenance Clay pipe replaced with PVC. Solids chamber pumped. Safe-t installed in solids chamber. Clay pipe from solids to liquids chamber discovered to be full of roots. Access to solids chamber installed. cuts in concrete re-patched. Cut in concrete to replace clay pipe between two chambers done. Clay pipe replaced with PVC. Quick dry concrete added to re-enforce the hole between the tanks. Last hole patched. Hydo jet of the sewer line. Job done. Total time: Under 2 weeks. Work done is on file with the city and guaranteed for 50 years.

    Ashley H. Tujunga Ca. - Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement
    Five Stars