You’re Backed Up

…And it’s a Rooted Issue

It’s about that time of year where most homeowners are outside getting their yard ready for nicer weather. What are every one of us doing? That’s right – pulling weeds. They’re an ugly nuisance to have to deal with. You know how some are shallow rooted and pull out real easy? And some are like pulling teeth, rooted so deeply that you have to struggle to break them free? Well, did you know the same thing happens to the pipes in your yard? You have tree roots that will break through your pipes and spread out. Some are soft and small and allow the water and debris to continue to flow. But then there’s the real tough ones who like to be difficult and cause such a clog that the water backs up into the house. That’s when the fun starts. Overflowing toilets and sinks, maybe even some water damage. If you suspect that you have a slow flow and want to confirm roots in your pipes, give us a call. We can come out and perform a camera inspection and work to eliminate the roots if necessary.

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