Adulting: Plumbing Edition

When you know you’re out of your comfort zone

If we’re being honest, adulting has its ups and down. Fun upsides – eating ice cream for breakfast, getting a paycheck, staying up late to binge watch your favorite show, no teachers to yell at you. Some downsides – bills, having to work, laundry, commitments that you can’t shake, cleaning the toilet or worse – cleaning up an overflowing toilet. Sometimes it just seems easier to move out. “Honey, we’re putting the house up for sale!” Sometimes you know right away when you’re out of your skill ability comfort zone. Don’t feel bad if you can pass off to the professional. You’re an adult! You can do that! Your father isn’t there yelling at you to fix it yourself or NO DINNER YOUNG MAN! Call us. We’ll help you…without the yelling.

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