Septic System Repairs and Modifications North Chatham, MA

Septic System RepairsDuring or after a septic pumping or a routine maintenance service, some irregularities or damages may have been noticed that may require septic system repairs and modifications.

The most typical repairs on a septic system will involve the following:

  • Repair of pipes
  • Repair of distribution box
  • Repair of effluent filters
  • Repair of baffles
  • Replacement of tank cover
  • Adding or supplementing the riser for cost effective and easy servicing

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Repair of Pipes

Pipes from the house carry the sewage to the absorption area passing through the treatment tank and the distribution box. These pipes can be damaged either by corrosion caused by age or even the intrusion of corrosive materials, tree root incursion or by the passage of heavy equipment over these pipes.

Repair of Distribution Box

The septic distribution box distributes the waste water or effluent uniformly to the leach or drain field. It is usually made of either plastic or concrete that has several openings and is buried underground. A concrete distribution box is preferred for durability. Another reason for the preference of a concrete box is that it is easier to locate and inspect. One opening is connected to the septic tank and the other openings are piped out to various lines to the drain or leach fields or trenches. The distribution box can suffer damages such as a crack on the box itself or the lid. This type of damage needs to be repaired promptly.

Repair of Effluent Filters

An effluent filter is installed inside the septic tank. Its primary use is to filter out particles of waste bigger than 1/8 inch in size from flowing out of the septic tank to the distribution box. Solid waste is supposed to settle down at the septic tank for at least 24 hours to smooth the incorporation of the untreated waste into the waste water flow to the distribution box. The very purpose of an effluent filter requires periodic maintenance for best results. The effluent filter can become blocked or destroyed by solid waste and must therefore be cleaned and repaired regularly.

Repair of Baffles

Baffles aid in the protection of the absorption field from solid residue. The inlet baffle is the access of waste from the house to the septic tank. Solid waste stays in the tank while liquid waste flows out through the outflow baffle. The baffle could deteriorate or be lost, a reason why it should be replaced or repaired. If the baffle is missing or has deteriorated there are lots of problems that can be caused by the flow of solids to the leach field. An additional protection could be to install filters in the outflow baffle.

Replacement of Tank Cover

A tank cover should not be a cause of any potential danger. If any weakness or crack is noticed on the tank cover, it has to be immediately repaired or replaced. Early repair of a tank cover is more economical than total replacement if and when the cover becomes irreparable.

Adding or Supplementing the Riser

A riser is basically the link between the surface of the yard and the septic tank which is usually buried underground for safety and health reasons as well as to prevent odor from leaching. Adding a riser to your septic tank allows for a trouble-free access to the tank when it needs to be inspected, maintained and pumped out. A riser and its cover can be made of PVC that is usually round with a diameter of around 24 inches. When the tank opening is not circular but a square, fitting in a circular riser can be problematic.

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