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Grease trapGrease traps are very important elements of a commercial kitchen. They catch oil, fat and grease that are products of a commercial kitchen such as those found in hotels, restaurants and catering businesses. With a grease trap, the fat, grease and oil are prevented from flowing down the drain and eventually entering the sewer.

Problems caused by oil, grease and fat in a commercial kitchen usually mean a loss of time and money. Inappropriate cleaning of grease traps is a big waste of money and could even cause hygiene problems by being a magnet to pests such as cockroaches, mice and rats. It could also result in the growth of bacteria that can result in foul odor.

At SewerMan in Natick, MA we guarantee proper grease trap pumping that will eliminate almost all grease trap problems.

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How a grease trap works

Grease traps separate the fat, grease and oil from the waste water by holding back the surge of greasy hot water through the trap and letting the water cool. As the waste water cools, the fats, grease and oil break away from the water and glide to the top of the trap. The cool water flows out to the pipe all the way to the sewer but the grease, fat and oil are prevented from flowing out of the trap by the baffles.

Grease traps can be placed either outside or inside of the building and the size of the trap will depend on the quantity of waste produced by your business as well as the frequency of grease trap maintenance that is done. Grease traps found inside the building are usually smaller and need pumping and servicing more often. On the other hand, grease traps found outside of a building are usually bigger and are less troublesome to service. Grease traps found outside of the building operate in a different way in summer as compared to the winter months. These traps have a tendency to clog more during the winter.

What grease trap pumping service entails

Regular grease trap pumping is an essential element of a grease trap service. Maintaining the cleanliness of the grease trap and keeping it free of food scraps and brown grease will keep these contaminants out of the septic system. It also gets rid of the odor and other problems connected with badly maintained grease traps. Grease trap pumping will clean out the trap and pump out deposits of grease, oil and fat that has hardened.

Other grease trap services include an inspection of the grease pipes with the use of a high-tech digital camera as well as high pressure water jetting.

At SewerMan of Natick, MA we can set your business up on an optimal schedule for grease trap pumping, cleaning and maintenance. Having your grease trap maintained regularly will save you money and keep major problems from occurring.

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