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Vactor ServicesA vactor is a machine used for vactoring and flushing out rubbish and other sediments accumulated in storm and sanitary lines from manholes and catch basins. It will completely clean an entire sanitary and wastewater system including exterior grease traps, small or large catch basins, storm and sanitary mains and lift stations and mains. This is done by jet flushing debris using high-powered hydro jet equipment. A vactor is also used to power-wash parking lots, driveways and roadways and for difficult trenching work.

Vactor services include catch basin service, storm water detention, vault cleaning and hydro excavation service among others. At SewerMan of Lebanon, NJ we are experts at vactor services. Call us for vactor service today.

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Catch Basin Vactor Service

Catch basins prevent the flow of trash, debris and other sediment from entering the sewage system. Over time, a catch basin accumulates this debris and keeps the sewer system properly working. Such debris and sediments should be periodically cleared. A vactor system does the job of cleaning a catch basin by flushing out or vactoring the accumulated trash and debris. The vactor service not only cleans a catch basin, it also includes properly disposing of the trash in waste treatment facilities.

Hydro Excavation Vactor Service

A hydro excavation vactor service does trenching and excavation in a safer, more accurate and non-damaging manner and can be used instead of the traditional backhoe. It uses a vacuum and water technology that rapidly blows away rocks, soil and dirt to expose underground utility pipes, sewer pipes, and electrical wiring systems. The hydro excavation vactor system is the safest, cleanest and most efficient way to dig and work around underground pipes and other buried lines.

Storm Water Detention Vault Vactor Service

A storm water detention vault is a buried structure that detains excess or surplus runoff of storm water coming from the streets, parking areas and other open spaces in a city or urban area. A storm water detention vault is the best option when there is not enough space in the area to contain the runoff or construct a facility above the ground such as a retention basin. This detention vault regulates the flow of runoff to surface waters such as rivers or streams nearby. It prevents flooding and lessens the risk of soil erosion on streams and rivers. Over time storm water vaults also accumulate trash, garbage and debris that needs to be removed so that the vault may continue to function properly. A vactor service for cleaning a storm water detention vault also involves the flushing out and vactoring of this debris with the use of high pressure water jetting.

Another important vactor service is to power-wash parking lots, driveways and roadways.

At SewerMan of Lebanon, NJ we have state-of-the-art high pressure water jetting equipment and trained technicians that can meet all of your vactoring needs. Call us today for prompt and efficient vactor services.

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