Catch Basin Cleaning Bradford, RI

Catch Basin CleaningIs your Bradford, RI parking lot, street, or sidewalk flooded? Catch basins often become full of dirt, leaves, and other debris. Once the catch basin becomes clogged, water can no longer enter the drainage system and instead causes flooding. During the spring rainy season we deal with a lot of catch basin cleaning and maintenance in Bradford, RI. Catch basin cleaning is eventually needed for all drainage systems to remove any debris and small particles that may clog the system.

Catch basins are also called storm drain or curb drain inlets. A catch basin is a hole in the storm drain system that normally comprises a curb inlet or grate located at street level and a sump. A curb inlet is where storm water flows into the catch basin while a sump imprisons or catches debris, sediments and other contaminants. Catch basins check the entry of garbage and other floating debris and keep it from entering the drainage system. Catch basins are also equipped with a trap or flapper device that averts the backflow of foul or fetid odors coming from the pipes. They also serve as a pretreatment area where sizeable residues settle, particularly in the sump.

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The importance of cleaning catch basins

Catch basin cleaning is an important part of sewer system maintenance. This is to avoid the blockage of the storm sewer and to lessen the flow of pollutants to the storm sewer. These pollutants may ultimately be discharged into the waterways and streams of a community. Clogged or blocked catch basins may also cause water pooling or flooding along parking lots and streets that are an irritant to businesses, pedestrians and motorists.

How are catch basins cleaned

Catch basin cleaning involves the removal of rubbish and other dregs that have accumulated in the sump. Usually this is done with the use of a catch basin cleaner attached to a vactor truck or a clamshell bucket. While the catch basin is being cleaned additional maintenance work is also performed as needed such as repair of the catch basin’s brickwork, its trap or hood, cover or frame.

Tools and equipment used to clean catch basins

For more efficient heavy duty catch basin cleaning, at SewerMan we use either a mechanical catch basin (MCB) cleaner or vactor equipment depending on what is needed at a particular location.

An MCB is a powerful and potent hydraulic clamshell that is used to clean catch basins in the most cost-effective way. It employs a jetting system powered by high pressure. An MCB has a bucket attached to a boom of the truck to lift and load rubbish and debris. Some MCBs perform this task without adding water and can easily remove bulky, cumbersome and heavy debris that are not normally lifted up by a vacuum.

Vactor equipment on the other hand is a machine that is capable of vactoring and flushing rubbish and sediments from storm and sanitary lines via manholes and catch basins. A vactor equipment is used to clean small or large catch basins, jet flush sanitary and storm lines and generally, to clean the entire sanitary system.

At SewerMan of Bradford, RI we can perform catch basin cleaning quickly and efficiently with state of the art equipment and highly trained techs. Call us today for your catch basin cleaning needs.

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