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Septic System RejuvenationThe leach or drain field in a septic system is meant to get rid of pollution and contaminants from the fluids that flow out of a septic tank. Sooner or later, the leach or drain field may fail to drain liquid as it should. This can be remedied by a special cleaning process that will rejuvenate the system.

Septic system rejuvenation will save you a lot of money, weighed against the expense of drain field replacement. At SewerMan of Arcadia, CA we offer many options for septic system rejuvenation.

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Septic System Tune-up

There are times when a simple tune-up can rejuvenate your drain field. A tune-up involves pumping out the tank and cleaning the tank and the drain field lines through water jetting.

Septic System Soil Fracturing

If a tune-up does not work, another way to rejuvenate the septic system is by fracturing the soil. This process involves inserting a hollow tube into the earth where 300 pound air is pumped or blasted through the soil. The process will result in the breakup of the soil into thousands of tiny crevices. These crevices will cause the drain or leach field to drain and allowing oxygen to flow through that will activate the colony of aerobic bacteria in the leach field. These aerobic bacteria treat waste quicker than anaerobic bacteria. Fracturing the soil can be done without digging the soil and won’t cause damage to the yard.

Septic Seep

A septic seep is commonly used to rejuvenate a septic system, especially if the leach or drain field is clay soil. The system could have failed because it has been clogged. This can be brought about by the bonding of waste water sodium and clay. A septic seep lets loose clay that has been bonded by sodium and opens up the soil to reactivate the passage of water and air. A septic seep is a solution or a mixture of chemicals that contains calcium polysulfide.

Boost Custom Cleaning

We also employ Boost custom cleaning. This process involves a “de-watering” or pumping out of the drain or leach field to get rid of over saturation. While this is being done, a Leach Field Port will be installed for easy access to the drain field in the future. A septic tank technician will also set off the Boost bacteria by combining 25 lbs of Septic Boost Treatment solution with 25 gallons of water.

As the Boost bacteria are being activated, the leach lines will be hosed down with a high pressure water jet to break down the bio-material build-up in the soil. Once this is done, the activated Boost bacteria will be poured down the distribution box and jetted down every leach field line using high pressure. This will make sure that the activated bacteria are evenly distributed over the drain or leach field. The activated Boost bacteria will keep on growing and eating away the buildup of biomaterials, draining the field more quickly.

White Knight System

Another procedure used by SewerMan in rejuvenating a septic system is called the White Knight System. The White Knight system will be set up in the septic tank to generate a new environment that is rich in oxygen. The White Knight system’s use is to develop a vast soil bacteria colony that will eat away at the macrobiotic materials in the field. With a White Knight system, the septic system will need regular maintenance, inspection and pumping to make certain that the system is working properly.

It is possible, in most cases, to rejuvenate a septic system. Contact us at SewerMan of Arcadia, CA to schedule an appointment to see which option is the best for your septic system rejuvenation.

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